Cidu District Household :::


Title Personnel Duty
Director 1 Person Supervision of personnel affairs and the development of household registry business.
Secretary 1 Person Assistance in the development of household registry business.
Junior Officer 5 Person

General service counter(2 ~ 8).

Clerk 1 Person
Associate Clerk 1 Person
Officer 5 Person

personnel affairs, change of name, general affairs, nationality, doorplate, search of institutions, ID cards management, written household registration, information business, application review, pleading amendment, general business, delivery & receipt, application & announcement, convenient assistance, birth reporting, development & evaluation, cashier, deletion registration.

Junior Officer 1 Person deletion registration page (the Japanese-occupied period), accounting, coordination sheet, entry/exit business.
Personnel Officer 1 Person evaluation, performance appraisal, training, and the management of other personnel affairs(coordinated by Cidu District Officel).
Accounting and Statistics Officer 1 Person budget, final accounting, accounting, statistics (coordinated by Cidu District Officel).
Messenger 1 Person delivery & receipt of official document, environment cleanness.

Qidu District Household Registration Office,Keelung
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Office Hours Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM ~ 17:30PM Non-Stop Service Through the Lunch Hour