Cidu District Household :::


  1. Colleague group photoTrans-office household certificate application
    With the islandwide computerization of household registry, household certificate could be applied in any on-line household registry office.

  2. One-stop movement registration
    Movement registration could be simply proceeded at the household registry office of the move-in district.

  3. At your place service
    For the elderly aged 65 or above, and the residents with serious illness or physical disability, household registration service could be provided at your place.

  4. Colleague group photoFlexible office time
    Flexible household registry services are provided at noon from Monday to Friday (PM12:00 ~ PM13:30) by two counters for all application cases.

  5. Relaxed regulation for entrusted application
    Provided the person concerned could not afford to apply for household registration owing to work, illness, or long distance, entrusted application could be accepted.

  6. Shortened application time
    The application for initial/supplemental/renewed ID card and change name service could be proceeded upon arrival with the ID card issued instantly (For supplemental ID card application, certificate with photo other than the driver's license issued by the government institution shall be presented).

  7. Colleague group photoHousehold certificate could be applied in any household registry office
    Registration of marriage, divorce, claim, adoption, and termination of adoption could be proceeded in either household registered office of the parties concerned.

  8. Telephone or fax application service
    The household certificate could be applied by phone call or fax with the necessary certificate presented, the application fee paid, and signature/seal affixed at the household registry office within two days for receiving the household certificate.
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